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“I was part of Tyguenne’s very first Reiki Level one and Reiki Level 2 classes. Meeting her and learning Energy healing has completely changed my life! She is kind, extremely knowledgeable, and her energy is so warm and bright! I am extremely happy that I have crossed paths with such a divine soul!”

“I had my first reiki session ever done by Tyguenne and it was incredible. We had just met, but I felt like I had known her for ages. She is soft, kind, and has a huge heart that she wants to share. This experience was so great for me I decided to study Reiki and now I am a level 2. Truly amazing. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone”

“I’m glad I’ve met Tyguenne in the most amazing circumstances, she was one of the highlight of my trip. She told me about Reiki and had no idea of what was it. So I tried, and I felt so safe with her I even felt asleep during the session. Studies says, when you feel asleep during those kind of session it’s due to your unconsciousness, you fully trust the person you are with. Professional and friendly she knows exactly what is she doing. I also had the chance to discover yoga because of her. She’s an amazing yoga teacher, good vibe, she listens to her clients, she adapts to all kind of levels. I would recommend her for any Reiki or Yoga session.
Thank you my dear friend for all those beautiful moments.”