Reiki Services 


Reiki Energy Healings

60 minutes: $132

90 minutes: $202

Sessions are virtual, so you can be located anywhere in the world to book an appointment! More info below!

Chakra Coaching Calls

30 minutes: $52

60 minutes: $92

This is a call to discuss your chakra imbalances and assess an action plan to nurture them to balance. Feel free to pick my brain!

This is a great option as a follow up after your Reiki Healing to assess any additional work that still needs to be done for you to achieve alignment. We will discuss custom chakra nurturing techniques.

If you are my Chakra Masterclass student this is a way for us to connect 1:1 to work through your findings after taking the course and talk about anything that is on your mind.

I will offer up my knowledge of your Chakra System and answer any questions you may have that are related to your healing opportunities.

*Usui System of Natural Healing*

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word for “universal life force energy”. Reiki originated in Japan and has links to ancient Tibetan philosophy. Humans from all walks of life have healed with their hands since the beginning of time. It has no religious dogma or belief system, and can be practiced by all.

A Reiki Healing is guided by the universal life force to harness the flow of energy to the chakras throughout the participants body.

Benefits of Reiki:

*Deepens relaxation

*Counteracts stress

*Promotes physical healing

*Accelerates spiritual growth

*Removes negative energy and replaces it with positivity

*Tunes you in deeper to your intuition, consciousness, and self awareness

*Promotes mental clarity and insights

*Promotes focus, clarity, and harmony

*Raises your overall vibrational frequency

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy chambers, spinning wheels of energy that are linked to different body parts and emotions. Chakras can get knotted up, therefore not allowing energy to pass through areas on the body properly. This makes it difficult for us to go inside ourselves and release emotion that needs to be cleared.

Chakras need to be cleared of knots, balanced, and strengthened to flow to their peak performance. Imbalances in your life can be linked directly to the health of a particular chakra and the emotions associated with it.

The steady flow of reiki is essential in connecting with your higher self and living a balanced life.

What does a session consist of? 

All sessions are currently Distant Reiki Healings, this is perfect in our current climate because you can receive your healing in the comfort of your own home! Reiki knows no time and space, the energy travels and a Distant Healing is equally as powerful as in person.

Book your healing and you will receive your custom Skype link to join your appointment. Your appointment will allow for a few minutes for us to connect in the beginning about what brings you to your healing; this is the time to share how you are feeling and ask any questions you may have.

You can choose between the following sessions:

*A 30 minute session will include a custom chakra balancing to either raise your energy, calm anxiety, or focus on a few specific chakras that may be out of whack. This healing offers the least amount of time per chakra, so is great for a “tune up” a week or so after experiencing a longer session.

*A 60 minute session will be a comprehensive healing focused on all 7 chakras, one at a time. This will allow for ample time to balanced each chakra, and offer more detailed insight into what is going on in your spiritual and emotional body.

*A 90 minute session will be the most comprehensive healing focused on all 7 chakras, one at a time. This will allow for ample time to balanced each chakra, and offer more detailed insight into what is going on in your spiritual and emotional body.

You will create a comfortable, quiet, space to lie down and relax. You can be on a bed, couch, or yoga mat.

I will play meditation music in the background, you are welcome to play your own instead, just no lyrics.

I also recommend something to place over your eyes like a mask or folded fabric, this creates less distraction.

After the healing there will be a few minutes to talk about what you experienced. I will also offer what I picked up on, and share any messages I receive for you.

The great thing is, there is nothing that can go “wrong” in an session. The reiki always works. Reiki energy flows when, and where it is needed. You can be sleeping the entire session and the energy will still flow!

You may feel the reiki passing through your body, a boost of energy, deep thoughts and insights, or you may just feel extreme relaxation.

Reiki restores energy and balance to the body. Depending on what you need, it could release emotional responses during, or after a session.

Reiki can heal injuries as well as spiritual and emotional wounds. A session balances your mind, body, and soul.

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