Podcast Episode 4-Natalia from Skin at Heart

Tune in to the love fest special with my guest, the beautiful soul, Natália Costa. She is an inspiring former engineer who went through a very admirable beautiful shift that began with solo travel (sound familiar?!). She is the ultimate bad ass chick, just wait until you hear where her journey has taken her!

Natália and I discuss conscious vs. unconscious humans, how our culture influences unconscious behavior, the rat race of “the matrix” in Western society, and how our societies ideals and standards limit us in striving for our greater purpose.

She shares her breakthroughs in arrival to consciousness, and the revolution of her blog Skin at Heart- A World of Wellness; where she writes about multiple facets of holistic beauty from the inside out. She writes about everything from essential oils, Quigong, yoga, books, art, and so much more! Check out Skin at Heart to see for yourself. She even writes everything in English and Portuguese!

Podcast Episode 3: Matt

My friend Matt Waxman just won The World Poker Tour’s Tournament of Champions in Vegas! Yay, you go homie! I was lucky enough to have him as my first male guest on The Beautiful Shift Podcast. We recorded this the day of our teacher training graduation. 

We cover a variety of topics including poker, Vegas, and Burning Man. We discuss adult creativity, being a student of life, his competitive nature, and the true meaning of yoga. We get distracted by wild dogs on the beach, and go on many random tangents, but he has amazing life lessons to share! Check out his Beautiful Shift now! 

“I’m always thinking about the world and reality and I always feel like there’s just some big secret that I just need to know the answer to. Almost like some cheat code for a video game. So I’m always just thinking like:

‘What is it? What’s the answer? What am I supposed to be doing with my life?’ 

You know? And I get stressed out. And I think I’ve had plenty of revelations where I am just like, “Ohhh, I understand now.”….Matt and one of the dogs that was hanging around us the whole time we recorded

Matt and I looking like we just adopted a child together 

Podcast Episode 2: Nuria and Tennille 

An inspiring conversation with a couple who is working to overcome societies prejudices together. We discuss the truth about what it is like to travel with a significant other, how they have grown together as well as individually, and how they are cultivating self love and acceptance.  “Living in the moment. Don’t be attached to the past, don’t be attached to the future. Don’t be worried about what is going to happen because that is never going to happen. We’re right here.” -Nuria

“In our world we kind of said: It’s not ok to be who you are. Try to be something, and someone else. I think when you feed into that then ya, you will get insecure about things, about yourself. But, when you just take a step back and you’re like, you know what, I’m beautiful! How I am is how I am and there is an infinite power there that loves me as I am, because they made me as I am.” -Tennille 

Podcast Episode 1: Vipassana Experince-The Second Time Around 

My first official full length podcast is here! Listening to this the other day I had the intense urge to re record it. Gosh how awkward can I be?! 

Hearing the sound of my voice is going to take some getting used to. I stumbled over my words, I repeated myself, I got robotic….

Ahhh, here I go with the self judgment and unnecessary insecurities. Screw it, here I am in my raw form. Take it or leave it! 

Contriving and re recording could have absolutely resulted in a better product, but it wouldn’t be real. Since I am working on presenting the authentic ME to the world….here ya go!This is an episode based off my journals from my Vipassana mediation retreat-Discussing what resonated with me the second time visiting a Buddhist monastery. 

Keeping a journal isn’t encouraged in Vipassana, but I felt it was important to track my thoughts and insights as they came to me. 

I could go on, and on about the different facets of each insight. There is so much more to discuss in terms of these lessons, but not without making this a three hour podcast! I’ll elaborate of some of these common themes throughout the progression of later episodes. I’ll also touch on the even more profound lessons form my first retreat. Until then…