About The Beautiful Shift

Everyone has a personal shift story to share. A transference from one way of thinking and acting, to another. Shifts in our lives can be painful, messy, confusing, tragic, inspiring, uplifting….but most of all: beautiful. 

My journey is of a paradigm shift from “glitzy glamour girl” to a conscious and humbled explorer. I am sharing my story and the stories of beautiful souls I have met along my journey through my blog and podcast.Self growth and living to your best potential as a human being is the favorable trajectory, and I am making it my life work to inspire others in reaching this goal towards the ultimate self love.

Every single experience is a lesson, and when you become aware of these lessons can you grow exponentially as a person. All it takes is awareness and thoughtfulness. The ability to analyze how you feel about what is happening around you is a direct reflection of your mind. 

We control our thoughts, therefore we control our happiness. It’s my goal to share my journey of self discovery and encourage others to find the beauty in their lives that is all around them, or choosing to create it themselves. 

The personal growth path is not for the faint of heart, it is not always sunshine. We have the choice to turn rain clouds into rainbows when we choose to invest in ourselves spiritually. 

Photo cred: @enjoythejoyz

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