About The Beautiful Shift

Personal shifts are inevitable. A transference from one way of thinking and acting, to another. Shifts can be painful, messy, confusing, tragic, inspiring, uplifting….but most of all: beautiful.

My name is Tyguenne Bleu (pronounced Tee-gan). My journey is a paradigm shift from “glitzy, glamour, girl” to “harmonious, humbled, healer.”

The glitz and glam never left, yet I have dramatically shifted into a more conscious dwelling soul.

Every experience is a lesson, and when one becomes aware of these lessons there is exponential growth.

A shift like this takes awareness, mindfulness, and willingness to change.

It is a choice to shift, the more the opportunity is allowed, the more fulfilling life will be.

It is my life’s purpose to share my journey of self discovery, encouraging you to access your personal healing power to help you discover your ability to create ultimate happiness in your life.

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