About The Beautiful Shift

I am here as your Chakra Therapist when you are ready to transform! Let’s take a deep look into your chakras and heal you from the inside out!

Personal shifts are inevitable. A transference from one way of thinking and acting, to another. Shifts can be painful, messy, confusing, tragic, inspiring, uplifting….but most of all: beautiful.

My name is Tyguenne (pronounced Tee-gan). My journey is a paradigm shift from “glitzy, glamour, girl” to “harmonious, humbled, healer.” The glitz and glam never left, yet I dramatically shifted into a higher consciousness once I tapped into my innate powers.

It is my life’s purpose to share my journey of self discovery, encouraging you to access your personal healing power to help you discover your ability to create ultimate happiness in your life with Chakra Therapy. You have powers too, and you are already using them! I just guide you towards rediscovering them.

I discovered Reiki at the beginning off my spiritual awakening, and my life was forever upgraded. I began my Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho certification in Thailand in 2016, and am now a Master Level IIII Practitioner with hundreds of clients and dozens of students under The Beautiful Shift Certification Program.

My goal is to take you beyond the basic teachings of Reiki and really have you feeling confident in taking your healing a step further. Taking an active role in your mental, emotional, and physical healing is the ultimate form of self love. Let’s get healing!

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