Podcast Episode 4-Natalia from Skin at Heart

Tune in to the love fest special with my guest, the beautiful soul, Natália Costa. She is an inspiring former engineer who went through a very admirable beautiful shift that began with solo travel (sound familiar?!). She is the ultimate bad ass chick, just wait until you hear where her journey has taken her!

Natália and I discuss conscious vs. unconscious humans, how our culture influences unconscious behavior, the rat race of “the matrix” in Western society, and how our societies ideals and standards limit us in striving for our greater purpose.

She shares her breakthroughs in arrival to consciousness, and the revolution of her blog Skin at Heart- A World of Wellness; where she writes about multiple facets of holistic beauty from the inside out. She writes about everything from essential oils, Quigong, yoga, books, art, and so much more! Check out Skin at Heart to see for yourself. She even writes everything in English and Portuguese!

1 Comments on “Podcast Episode 4-Natalia from Skin at Heart”

  1. It was my pleasure and my honor to meet Tyguenne, a beautiful yogi sister and soul with whom I immediately connected. Thank you so much for this incredible interview and opportunity! 🙂 More partnerships to come my Gorgeous friend!

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