Podcast Episode 3: Matt

My friend Matt Waxman just won The World Poker Tour’s Tournament of Champions in Vegas! Yay, you go homie! I was lucky enough to have him as my first male guest on The Beautiful Shift Podcast. We recorded this the day of our teacher training graduation. 

We cover a variety of topics including poker, Vegas, and Burning Man. We discuss adult creativity, being a student of life, his competitive nature, and the true meaning of yoga. We get distracted by wild dogs on the beach, and go on many random tangents, but he has amazing life lessons to share! Check out his Beautiful Shift now! 

“I’m always thinking about the world and reality and I always feel like there’s just some big secret that I just need to know the answer to. Almost like some cheat code for a video game. So I’m always just thinking like:

‘What is it? What’s the answer? What am I supposed to be doing with my life?’ 

You know? And I get stressed out. And I think I’ve had plenty of revelations where I am just like, “Ohhh, I understand now.”….Matt and one of the dogs that was hanging around us the whole time we recorded

Matt and I looking like we just adopted a child together 

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