Podcast Episode 2: Nuria and Tennille 

An inspiring conversation with a couple who is working to overcome societies prejudices together. We discuss the truth about what it is like to travel with a significant other, how they have grown together as well as individually, and how they are cultivating self love and acceptance.  “Living in the moment. Don’t be attached to the past, don’t be attached to the future. Don’t be worried about what is going to happen because that is never going to happen. We’re right here.” -Nuria

“In our world we kind of said: It’s not ok to be who you are. Try to be something, and someone else. I think when you feed into that then ya, you will get insecure about things, about yourself. But, when you just take a step back and you’re like, you know what, I’m beautiful! How I am is how I am and there is an infinite power there that loves me as I am, because they made me as I am.” -Tennille 

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