The Next Shift

If you’re following along on my wild journey via Facebook or Instagram, you know I have been bopping around South and Central America hitting 5 countries in 3 months. My next move may surprise you, or maybe it won’t at all! 

Before this trip began, I had an idea in mind-I would find a country I am absolutely in love with, and I would stay awhile.

I’ve explored the mountains of Peru.I spent time in the most notorious city in Colombia.I was on the gorgeous coast and islands of Panama. I stayed in amazing beach towns in Costa Rica.I’ve enjoyed more beautiful beaches in Nicaragua. I have visited some amazingly beautiful places, and made great friends along the way. I am so glad I decided to explore the Americas! 

More importantly than my hunt for the most gorgeous beach, I have really been searching to be a part of something bigger than myself. I have been craving a new sense of purpose, and an evolved reality. 

This trip has provided me opportunities to dive into multiple forms of self exploration: past life regression hypnosis, energy healing, a sacred medicine ceremony, and many forms of yoga. Now, I am looking to take my learnings and take one giant leap forward. 

There is a magical place in this world I have already found this overwhelming sense of belonging and evolution. A place that changed my life for the better, so I am going back!


I have been looking for my Thailand, and nothing quite compares in my eyes.

So Honey, I am coming home! 

Unlike my “No Plan Plan” in South America-I do have a plan for Koh Phangan, Thailand. 

Wat Kow Tham 

Two years ago I attended a vipassana mediation retreat at Wat Kow Tham. Spending 10 days in silence at this amazing monastery changed my life forever. The sheer joy one experiences from mediating all day and not speaking a word is something I feel everyone should experience if they get the opportunity. It is time for me to go again to feed my mind, body and soul. 

Ananda Yoga Teacher Training

All the stars have aligned. The universe has been working to deliver multiple messages that this is my next big move. 

It became crystal clear to me after missing an evening yoga class here in Nicaragua. A few of my hostel mates and I went to the other side of town only to realize the yoga studio we were looking for no longer existed. 

After eating dinner and enjoying a few passion fruit mojitos, my friend Veronique and I came back to the hostel and I led us in an impromptu yoga class outside. 

Now I am no pro, let me tell you. I have only been practicing regularly for about a year in a half. Yoga has become such a powerful healing tool for me. Yoga has kept me grounded and allowed me to tap into deeper layers of my soul. I knew one day I would absolutely take a teacher training course, but didn’t feel ready yet. 

After this fateful evening at my hostel in Nicaragua, with one brave willing participant, I realized I AM ready now. There is nothing holding me back but myself. 

I am eagerly ready to learn, and eventually share the gifts I have received from so many amazing yoga teachers. I have been blessed with the opportunity to practice under so many beautiful souls, the idea of trying to do what they do is a little bit scary, I must admit! 

A few things this journey has taught me is to follow my heart, trust my gut, and throw doubt out the window. So that’s what I am going to do. Trust my intuition and know I am ready for this next shift. My 200 hour teacher training is step one. 

I am creating my new reality. The best part: I fly home on Christmas Day and get to spend 3 weeks at home in Sacramento before my flight out of San Francisco! 

I will be catching up with loved ones, repacking my bag, studying for my training, and waiting for my Thai visa to arrive! 

See you soon Cali ❤️

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  1. Your gut is always true to only you . . . good for you to be able to follow. Looking forward to reading more of your journey! So proud! xoxo jill

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