The Adventures of my Maleta Grande 

I confess-I’m a faux backpacker. Instead of carrying a 30 liter Osprey backpack like most travelers I see, I am lugging around a 54 pound beast of a suitcase. 

When people see it their eyes bug out of their heads and I hear things like:

“THAT’S you’re bag?!”

“Ayy ayy ayyy es muy grande mami!”

“How many pairs of shoes do you have in there?”

“Man girl, is your ex boyfriend in here?!”

Before you say, “Omg, what were you thinking?!” 

Let me tell you. 

This was a perfectly planned out move for the following reasons:

1. I have an awful neck and lower back injury thanks to gymnastics and kneeboarding in my teenage years. Carrying a backpack would only ensure I have a hunchback, or I be bed ridden by the age of 35. No thank you! 

I want to be comfortable rolling my luggage behind me with zero strain. I want to feel at ease without literally the weight of my world on my shoulders!  

2. Have you ever tried to live out of a backpack? I haven’t, but I have watched fellow travelers in action. When you need that one specific shirt, and it’s in the packing cube at the bottom of the backpack, so you must take everything you own out, grab the shirt, and then meticulously place everything back justttt so…because if you don’t- you won’t be able to close your bag. 

Helllllllll no! I want to open my suitcase and hear angels singing because I can see everything I own and reach what I need within 1.5 seconds. This is my house for the next however many months, I need accessibility here! 

Now don’t get me wrong, my luggage has definitely been a pain in my ass at times.

For the most part, I can handle the oversized load myself. I can inch my bag up stairs, step by step with only breaking a small sweat.

I can also manage rolling it down stairs using gravity to drag it down behind me. The wheels make a god awfully loud noise when I drag it, like a bomb is going off every second…but it gets the job done! 

There have however, been a few instances where I require major assistance. Thank god for amazing locals who are (almost) always willing to help! 

Like this hometown hero, who literally carried my life on his back, on a muddy trek, through the jungle. I’ve never been so impressed. On his shoulders! What a gem! Ps-that swamp on the left is FULL of crocodiles.

Also, this taxi driver who carfully places my bag in the front seat like a child, and was considerate enough to strap my baby in. I love the extra TLC!

Thank you-to the men that have crawled in the luggage space underneath the bus to fish out my bag all the way from the back! 

Thank you-to the sweet hostel associate who was half my size, and insisted taking my bag upstairs for me! 

An even bigger thank you to, the few and far between, airline workers who didn’t charge me a fee even though I was 3 kilos overweight.  

Although, I have had to shove heavy items under my shirt to remove weight from my suitcase, and since nothing more will fit in my carry on. I ain’t paying those overweight luggage fees, not on my budget! If anyone asks, I’m 4 months preggo.

I am grateful in advance for anyone else who assists me carry, drag, load, or unload my oversized suitcase on this trip. 

I don’t care who laughs at my maleta grande, this is my current “home sweet home.”

My bag will continue to take a physical beating as I lug it all over the world. We have seen 4 beautiful countries so far, let’s see what sort of adventure we get into next!

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