Without Seeking 

Try to live today without seeking

Walk the streets without hoping 

Miss a soul without longing

Love without looking 

Allow without holding

Stop trying to achieve perfection

You are already perfection 

These are reminders to myself 


Day in and day out I find myself needing to take a pause. A pause to ensure I am not externally seeking. 

There are so many questions I would love to have all the answers to:

What am I supposed to be doing with my life right now? 

What do I want my career to be?

What kind of person do I want to be? 

Where do I want to live? 

Who do I want to surround myself with? 

There are many externals ways in which I find myself seeking for the answers to these questions. I have no problem admitting that one of my biggest fears in life: making the wrong decision. 

Sounds silly right? It’s inevitable that I will make a decision that may not be the best choice presented- I can guarantee it has already happened countless times! I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. 

Even then, for some reason I still can’t help but feel like I need to go on quests to find the “right path”.

How do you like that contradiction? 

I believe everything happens for a reason and I whole heartedly need to surrender myself to that.

What I do know, is everything I am looking for is here in the moment. The more I seek, the more I miss. It’s not about the search, it’s about the now.

I am learning not to seek. 

If there is anything I have learned over the past few years it is to follow my internal compass, it is the best possible form of GPS. 

We all know the phrase “follow your heart.” 

Well, your internal compass is the direction your soul is pointing you. 

Your internal compass leads you moment by moment-and it’s up to you to listen.

Have you ever had a feeling you shouldn’t go down a certain street, and you do it anyway? Only to have your phone pick pocketed or something equally as traumatic? 

Or the complete opposite, you make a gut decision to go right instead of left and end up meeting an amazing new friend you never would have crossed paths with otherwise? 

Follow your internal compass, it knows the way. 


Living life on the road there are so many people I miss back home. I have the best family, I’ve surrounded myself with amazing friends, and then there is also the one who has my heart. 

While I miss everyone at home, I know whole heartedly I am supposed to be here right now. I can’t get caught up in longing for who (or what) I don’t have in front of me. I have everyone in my heart and that is enough! 


Loving without judgment is one of the most beautiful human actions of all. The feeling of love is the most amazing of them all. To be able to meet someone and have an instant connection regardless of predjucices, whether it be a plantonic love or a passionate fury. 

I’ve always been very against long distance relationships, from what I understand they never work. That’s a block I’ve had in my head for as long as I can remember. Which would make it very fitting that when I decided I was going to travel, I also decided my romantic relationship was going to end. 

A series of fateful, beautifully romantic events led me to experience a change of heart and embark on a type of relationship I never envisioned myself in. 

Has it been difficult? Yes! But to feel these warm and fuzzy feelings while still (miles) away, my heart has opened up in ways I never knew were possible. I see now that I don’t need someone right in front of me to feel unconditional love. 


I like to believe the universe is in control of what is around the corner for us. We have the free will to follow our internal compass, or not. Our compass will always lead us to our higher purpose, we just have to trust and allow our destiny to present itself. 

It is important to accept what the universe has to offer without holding onto any preconceived notions of what we “expect” it to be. 

Stop seeking perfection

You already are perfection. 

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