I have been M.I.A for a while now. Who starts a blog and abandons it for weeks?! I know, I know! I am on the ride of a lifetime, and the last month and a half has been such a whirlwind. I am in paradise where the days seem to last forever, yet never long enough.

This journey began in Indonesia: Seminyak-> Ubud-> Gili Trawangan-> Kuta. 

Then came Thailand: Bangkok-> Koh Phi Phi. 

Here is an update of just 20 random things I have been doing over the last month and a half!

1. Writing in my journal 

I am never worried about anyone getting ahold of my journal and reading it because I have the worst chicken scratch handwriting imaginable that is nearly impossible to decipher. I do not write in it every day, but it is always handy for when I feel inspired or have something to say. I am learning more and more about myself each day through everything I am experiencing, and my journal is a place I can bring all my thoughts and ideas together. The must common reoccurring entries are self reflection related or daily recaps. 

2. Adventuring outdoors 
In Bali I trekked through the jungle,hectic town streets, and beaches. In Koh Phi Phi climbing to the viewpoint is the extent of physical activity anyone finds aside from dancing the night away. Of course, there has been ample amounts of beach time with a little snorkeling involved! There is so much beauty to find in nature-I am looking forward to continuing my explorations!

3. Doing 75 squats in the hotel room (some days)

My friend Heather is so great about doing these every day. Some days I sit back and cheer her on, most days when I am feeling strong and motivated I join in!

4. Teaching English on ‘Nice Talk Tutor’
This app has been one of the channels to pay my way through Asia. I sign on and receive video calls from people in China. I get paid by the minute to chat and assist them with perfecting their English. This is rated G, before your mind even goes there! It is a great way for them to get immersed in English and it is a cool teaching experience for me! I don’t get paid a lot of money, but it does help pay for my meals. If you use my referral code to sign up you get $10 automatically-and I get cash too! 

5. Eating heaps of Pad Thai 
TONS! It is available fresh on every street corner and each time I eat it I say, “This is the best Pad Thai I have ever had!” And it’s true, every single time. $2 can buy you heaven on a plate! I have to have some at least every other day.

6. Getting to know the locals
It’s so interesting to learn how others live around the world. I love hearing the culture differences and getting to know someone’s story. It is easy to get caught up in making assumptions about people before knowing what they have been through. I have had the chance to meet some of the sweetest people on the planet on my travels so far. On one hand, there are some locals that will take advantage just to make a buck. On the other hand, I have been surprised how helpful people are and just how generous they can be. 

7. Playing with monkeys

If I could be any animal, I would be a monkey. My favorite place in the world so far is the ‘Monkey Forest’ in Ubud! I know they have a bad rep for stealing water bottles and other belongings-but I am so fascinated by their intelligence and playfulness! I love the monkeys! 

 8. Reading 

I have a book I am loving so much that I have underlined it and keep going back and reading what I have highlighted. It is about mindfulness and meditation that is highly inspirational and keeps me level. My mom also sends me many articles though Facebook messenger so I always have informative articles to read daily! 

9. Getting the flu (twice)
In Gili T and Phi Phi I caught nasty fevers. I guess that is just what happens on small islands-one person gets sick, then everyone gets it. Yuck!

10. Chasing geckos around hotel rooms

I am so happy to find these cute little critters running around! I take these over spiders ANY DAY! They are just come in and out of the hotel rooms like they own the place, I don’t mind sharing! 

11.Eating amazing free breakfasts 
In Indonesia everywhere I stayed included free breakfast. You best believe I was up early every day grubbing on omelettes-with extra chili sauce and ketchup of course!  

12. Eating Pringles 

I had a week long love affair with Pringles. I always had them in the room for late night munching. Now I never want to eat another Pringle-ok maybe just not for a while! 

13. Consuming many fresh fruit shakes

Fruit shakes are a daily necessity. On every corner you can find a stand that mixes fresh fruit with ice-they are delicious! The mango shakes are out of this world! I always get them with no sugar to ensure they are strictly nutritious.

 14. Singing karaoke 

It is no secret that I have an absolutely terrible voice-but that has never stopped me from busting out karaoke has much as possible! My friend Heather has a beautiful voice, and mine sounds like nails on a chalkboard-so we balance each other out well. I have been ‘entertaining’ to say the least! 

15. Enjoying fire shows

There are fire shoes everywhere in Thailand-while on Koh Phi Phi we watched them on the beach every night. Not only do the performers throw fire in the air, they get the audience involved as well. They play ‘flaming limbo’ and ‘flaming jump rope’-I have seen so many drunks get lit on fire trying to play these games! My first day on the island I was a part of the fire show and managed to come out unscathed! (Video on my Instagram)

16. Trying not to shop
This is torture. Everywhere I turn there is a cute dress, shoes, shorts, purses…anything you can ever imagine-and for SO cheap! Despite the price tag, I have refrained from purchasing much of anything. Bangkok MBK mall was the most tempting due to its sheer size and how cheap everything was! This whole trip I did purchase a tank top from Monkey Forest, and well as a pair of flip flops after mine broke. I am very proud of my willpower to not go on a shopping spree-you can’t understand the strength that takes until you see it all for yourself! 

17.Going on dates with Australians

(Ok it was one time, with one Australian) I could listen that musical accent all day! Swoon!

18. Taking boats and buses to new destinations 

I have really put my motion sickness to the test. To travel from an island on one side of a main land to another requires a boat, a bus, and another boat. We have had multiple all day travel days like this, one included a 12 hour overnight bus. Luckily, these were nice charter buses! The boats are chaotic and stressful but somehow we always manage to come out alive!

19. Working at Blanco Beach Bar

By far one of my favorite experiences of the trip. I showed up to the bar the day I arrived on Phi Phi and got a job. I met so many amazing people and had the time of my life here! The bar is like a frat party on the beach and by far the coolest place to hang in Phi Phi. They also do amazing pool parties and the best boat party on the island. 

20. Picking up trash around the world 
I have have seen some of the most amazing beaches on earth and it breaks my heart to see how some have the nerve to trash them with their trash. I have made a conscious effort to pick up litter when it crossed my path in attempt to keep this world beautiful. 

As you can see I am alive and well! 
The food is endless, the activities are priceless, and the people are fabulous!

This is only a sneak peak into small details of my trip, I could go on and on! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates 🙂

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  1. It sounds like you’re having an awesome time! It’s interesting to hear how you’ve been earning money whilst travelling. I’m looking at travelling in Asia later this year, are there any places you’d really recommend visiting!? Xx

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